So why the catchphrase (buzz with purpose): Aubuchon said it’s a “kind of a play on a word” she doesn’t love, but she’s “turning it around.” “There are different types of tactics and strategies, but if you’re not doing it for a purpose or around a goal or objective, why are you doing it?” -- Florida Politics, April 11, 2021

Our mission is to help purpose-driven clients communicate and provide team members with fulfilling, challenging work and a structure that supports family and personal health.

That means supporting remote workstyles and supporting each other, staying sharp through continuing education, and celebrating success with the best clients, each with missions we believe in.

Founded in April of 2016, Allison Aubuchon Communications is intentionally small and nimble. This organizational model allows for a customized experience with low overhead and high impact, tailoring strategies and scaling to the goals of each client.

Our work for non-profit organizations and associations has supported topics related to health equity, education, consumer protection and environmental issues. Our award-winning team takes pride in communicating strategically and is focused on outcomes.