Our skilled and organized team knows how to keep plates spinning. While our specialties are strategic planning, media relations, messaging, advocacy and coalition building frequently centered around legislative issues, we are able to provide full-service consulting services and enjoy working with trusted partners when needed. A discovery session to shake out project goals is always the first step.


Strategic Communications



No matter your industry, issue or audiences, a strategic plan serves as a roadmap for communications efforts. We work with you to define communications goals and objectives and develop effective tactics tailored to your audiences. We bring fresh ideas and are solution-oriented, working to recommend methods that educate and engage audiences.


Media Relations



Media relations is more than distributing a press release. Our team works to research and identify publications and reporters who would be a good match for your topic and target audience, pitching accurate, timely news and facilitating connections that can help clients become trusted sources. We proactively look for non-traditional opportunities and new media platforms. And we’re experienced in preparing compelling media events and experiences that offer facts and personal interviews to help generate stories.





We can help translate the most wonky of messages into kitchen-table talk. Getting your messaging down can often be the most grueling component of a project or campaign, but it’s the most important, informing everything that follows — your target audiences should be front of mind in this process. We enjoy it all, from message banks and AP style press releases to opinion pieces and social media content.





When you work with us, you immediately get team members who understand the legislative process and the roles of advocates, along with experience communicating complex issues to decision-makers and constituents. We can recommend and bring to life tools that support your advocacy work — online resources, collateral, infographics, videos, advertising, online chats… — and generate engaging content that urges audiences to learn more or take action.


Coalition Building



It is important supporters have the tools they need to engage in your issue: advocacy kits, shareable graphics, tip sheets, talking points… We are experienced in helping groups and individuals come together around a shared goal, operate from the same playbook and make sure assets are organized and available to those who need them. Whether you need support for an existing coalition or are creating a movement from its inception, we’re able to help groups formulate the pieces they need — from logo to launch — for grassroots efforts.