Ranger Aubuchon

Director of Health and Wellness

Born and raised in Tallahassee, Fla., Ranger “Boo Boo Doo Doo” Aubuchon serves as director of health and wellness for Allison Aubuchon Communications. His role includes regular reminders for team members to get up and get moving, vital to overall health and a boost to creativity, and appearances on Zoom calls, bringing smiles to clients’ faces.

Ranger, named after Ranger Falls in Highlands, N.C., loves to give hugs and be with his family. In his spare time, he performs security work, patrolling the premises for squirrels. He also enjoys seeing friends at Camp Mojo’s and is a supporter of the Leon County Humane Society, to which he is forever grateful for their support during his formative years. Ranger is co-founder of the Best Friends Club, whose membership boasts a roster of two, including Allison Aubuchon.